Korean-Style BBQs: The Best Feast to Celebrate Your Holidays

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Start your meal with the best Korean-style BBQs, and every gathering will surely feel like a year-round festivity.

That’s because every get-together should be a reason to celebrate.

Every sharing of food should be holiday to every family, every party of friends, and every group of people who share the same passion for great food—Korean-style BBQs.

This Christmas season, you deserve to feast not just your eyes, but your palette with premium tenderness, juiciness, and flavor that only Premium Galbi can give.

Sweet, Korean soy sauce, and grilled to perfection is all takes for you to start your feast with a bang at San Soo Kap San, located at 38-13 UNION ST, Flushing, NY 11354.

Since this holiday is special, then you must have at your table Angus Special Galbi. Savor its unique flavor and texture with your dad and mom. Surely both of them will find this marinated beef’s flavor deep and savory. They might even want to take some home. Wanna bet?

If you have not seen a couple of friends, then this is the best time of the year to have some reunion. Let there be a little smoke added to your awesome chitchats. What better way to make it hot and spicy is to get some slice of spicy marinated tender pork BBQ.

Let this flavorful strips of fork be a proof that your friendship is seasoned that distance and time do not affect your bonding. Order your favorite soju, and pair it with Jae Yook Gui!

To feast is to count the blessings. Invite your brother and younger siblings for dinner at San Soo Kap San. Have some of this tantalizingly delicious, thinly sliced tenderloin beef, and you will be forever grateful for this moment especially if you have Bulgogi at the table.

The most tender cuts of beef, with its smoky, juicy and mildly sweet taste, you and your siblings will be grateful. Totally!

Since everyone in the family is busy, the more reason you should be choosing this Korean restaurant where the best grilled BBQs in Flushing is served.

It is open 24/7. You can contact it at (718) 445-1165.

Still looking for your favorite Korean BBQ?

Don’t worry because at San Soo Kap San, there are more than 10 ways to enjoy your favorite BBQ.

You must be craving for a marinated fresh shrimp bbq? Well, every Shrimp Gui at this restaurant offers you immaculate bites.

Imagine all its ingredients-olive oil, garlic, herbs, lemon, onion- and you’ll surely say: Full-flavor indeed!

December is your month. This is your moment. Relish it with Cha Dol Bagi. Here is my tip: Cook it quickly on the grill and enjoy its well-marble texture and juicy flavor. Don’t forget to dip this thinly shaved beef brisket on a sauce of sesame oil, salt and pepper.

Oh, don’t forget to have some candid shoots with your most trusted buddies.

If your taste buds want some fresh squid, or thinly sliced duck to pair with your favorite wine, then you can have both.

Best Korean-style bbqs like O-Ri Gui and Ojinguh Gui should never be missed out.

Click this link, and more surprises are waiting for you: https://sansookapsannyc.com/menu#bbq

Let there be smoke, and let there be feast.

Let there be San Soo Kap San’s Korean-style BBQs!