How Hot Are You?

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How Hot Are You?

The hotter the better. This sounds really comforting especially if the temperature keeps on dropping and the entire surrounding seems to be in Snowpocalypse. The good news is I know a restaurant that can spice up your day–San Soo Kap San.

Without any tinge of doubt, this resto can transform your shivering days into a fiery world of hot casseroles. Caution: It’s going to be HOT!
Worry not about any Snowmageddon you might be experiencing right now. Haemool Jungol can easily beat that! Once you order this assorted seafood and vegetables in casserole, you can forget the chilling wind. It will warm you, and its hot pot sauce can help you forget how cold a night is.

This Korean cuisine is spicy, so be ready to embrace its generous serving.
Every sip, every bite, and every taste is fresh, chewy, and hot.
That’s the warming effect of Haemool Jungol! Enjoy its flavorful soup while its hot. Next hot casserole for you to try to measure your hotness is a beef stripe, intestine, vegetables in casserole. Yes, that’s Gopchang Jungol.
The wind may be bitter, but this resto located at 38-13 UNION ST, Flushing, NY 11354, can assure that you will have a dining experience as if you are in an idyllic location in the mountainous lands of the Korean countryside. That’s why it’s named San Soo Kap San.

You deserve to have this savory Gopchang as your gift to yourself. If you have been working so laboriously the entire day, don’t forget to call on your friends and spice up your night with it. Let all its ingredients and flavorful broth power up your tired body and soul. Let the real Korean in you rise like the legendary Phoenix. Regardless of your citizenship, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy this spicy stew. An acquired taste is a gift, right? This combo in one dish is perfect for a hot person like you. If you are brave enough, you can have black goat and vegetable in casserole (Sachul Jungol), or pork shoulder in casserole (Dweji Moksal Gamja Jungol).

The master chef of this resto will prepare and cook every hot casserole sumptuously and flavorfully for you to have an awesome experience for Korean culture experience. For other hot casserole to fire your spirit, Kimchi Mandoo Jungol and Heungbu Budae Jungol are must try. Try all of these hot casseroles and you will now have a badge to brag that you are hot!
Are you hot enough?