3 Secret Recipes of the Best Korean BBQ

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One order of the best Korean Style BBQ is guaranteed that life is indeed worth living. That’s not a secret. So, what secret recipes should you need to identify, and get the best of every BBQ you can order? Here are the three secret recipes you must know to get the answer to: What makes San Soo Kap San’s BBQ the best in Flushing?

Secret Recipe # 1: THE BBQs

Marinated or not marinated? It’s your choice. If you have the appetite for life, then Premium Galbiis the one. This U.S.D.A premium beef barbequed at the table must be on the top of your list.
If your palate is craving for a perfect BBQ with superb flavor, then try the marinated Angus Special Kalbi. Well, your unquenchable appetite for chicken barbequed at the table meets its match: Chicken Gui. Thinly Sliced tenderloin beef BBQ at the table. That’sBulgogi. Don’t be shy to eat with much gusto once you have it on your table. Fresh squid barbequed, spicy marinated tender pork, or beef brisket must be your BBQ.Just say these magic words– Ojinguh Gui, Jae Yook Gui, Cha Dol Bagi–then all of these tasty BBQ can be yours. For complete menus of every best Korean BBQ that is worth your passion, just click it here: https://sansookapsannyc.com/menu/#bbq

Secret Recipe # 2: Ingredients

San Soo Kap San will serve you its finest cut of prime beef. As the best BBQ resto, it is guaranteed that you can eat USDA Graded U.S. Prime Beef. Here is the not-so-secret information: Only the top 3% of all beef can be qualified as USDA Prime Beef.
The secret mixture of soy sauce, sugar, chopped garlic, sesame oil and pepper must be the reasons! This Korean BBQ can certainly be part of your vocabulary and favorite food list from now on. That’s a guarantee!
These are the standards this resto has to maintain to satisfy your big appetite. Angus Joo-moolluck special Kalbi or Sam Gyup Sal Gui can do the talking. Taste them to believe it.

Secret Recipe # 3: San Soo Kap San

That’s where you can get the best Korean BBQ in NY. Rest assured that you will only be served the authentic Korean taste in NY. Indeed, you deserve to experience this paradise of gastronomical diversity!
You can have thinly sliced duck, thinly sliced pork belly, and marinated fresh shrimp barbequed. Ready to thank your stomach! Excited to finally name San Soo Kap San’s time-honored flavors, and taste America’s number 1 favorite entrée? For your reservations, visit 38-13 Union St, Flushing, NY 11354, or call (718) 445-1165.

Let this BBQ restaurant’s special charcoal bring your BBQ experience into another level. That’s how barbecuing should be done!
San Soo Kap San’s reservation is open 24/7. Customers have their own secret too: They want to revisit this BBQ restaurant and re-experience the grilling moment. No more secret.
Just the best Korean BBQ in Flushing.